In general Psychometrics is the science of measuring mental processes. Named for the science, Psychometric Assessments provide otherwise not readily available information to assist both the coach and the client. Coaching with psychometrics is one branch of their use. In this case this branch depends on what is called positive or normal behavioral psychology. The coach doesn’t measure for pathologies.

How does the use of psychometrics help a coach be a better coach?

Most of the human personality is hidden in our unconscious psyche. It is transparent to us until we fail to achieve our goals. When we do, we begin to question ourself and our way of seeing the world.

Many so-called personality assessments are too reductive to be of much help in the coaching process. The most useful are those that measure personality traits. Personality traits are the building blocks of the personality. Understood correctly, they can light the road on the coaching journey.

With the aid of the right psychometric assessments that identify personality traits, the coach and the client can make much better use of the time allotted to coaching sessions.

The coach and the client can get to the traits that seem to be acting as barriers to the client’s life satisfaction much quicker.

In my experience, the speed of the process of getting to the coaching issues quicker helps form a higher quality coaching relationship. The coach and client can get past the distractions often found in the low hanging fruit and to the most important coaching opportunities in shorter time periods.

With the severe demands on our time, the use of a psychometric assessment can pay rich dividends to both the client and the coach.